Eurosepal carries out its activity in partnership with architectural offices, following the commitments of budget compliance, deadline and compliance, ensuring full satisfaction of all established requirements.
It promotes its activity among ateliers of design and interior architecture, seeking to contribute to the creation of spaces of reference, with a signature of design, ergonomics and comfort.

Living Spaces

Eurosepal has incorporated the latest technology applied to the home in order to create multi-purpose spaces and equipment.
This concept seeks to streamline all daily tasks and the time it takes to complete these tasks, by embodying space and paying special attention to specific needs for access to remote-operated equipment, in order to facilitate your day-to-day work.

ExpoHouse Concept 2013

Integrated in a multifunctional environment COOK TABLE joins an innovative concept.
LIVING SPACES aims to be a proposal to merge the functions of kitchen and dining room. Kitchen with lacquered fronts in low relief and aluminum frame with mirror ILUSION TV

COOK TABLE in an OpenSpace Kitchen

Integrated in an OpenSpace kitchen the COOK TABLE is a sophisticated and multifunctional equipment that joins the same space cooking zones and meal

Cook Table iPad Controlled

Integrated in a housing equipped with home automation the COOK TABLE, a sophisticated multifunctional equipment that joins in the same space the function of cooking and dining area can also be controlled by iPad.

Senso Wardrobe Ilusion TV

Wardrobe equipped with motorized fronts White Gloss and Mirror ILUSION TV. When you turn off the TV is imperceptible

Senso Wardrobe

Wardrobe equipped with motorized fronts White Gloss.



In 1982, Abilio Jesus Portela began to manufacture kitchen cabinets and closets, giving continuity to the industrial experience he acquired in France. In 1987, José Manuel Santos gave a new impetus to the company, designing and offering 3-D projects. The previous company was originally incorporated in 1993 as Eurosepal, with headquarters at Rua Paulo VI, Vale Sepal, in Leiria, and now develops national and international operations. In 1995, the first factory for the production of kitchen cabinets and closet components was inaugurated, known for its quality and innovative processes and materials. In 1998, Eurosepal introduced photo-realism to present its work projects, thus foreshadowing the visualization of its “Fine Arts”. In 2000, Eurosepal launched a project for the construction of a new factory to improve the safety, ergonomics and comfort of its employees, the technological integration required for production flexibility, and the quality of processing and PUR binding.
Since 2007, Eurosepal has developed and introduced mechanical and electronic automation into its production, in order to promote design, ergonomics and comfort of use of all its equipment.

Our Mission

Eurosepal’ s mission is to produce high-quality kitchen cabinets and closets, using new technologies for the home with high resistance to external factors, while meeting its commitments to design, ergonomics and comfort for the use of its equipment.


Eurosepal will continue to aim for the complete satisfaction of its clients’ needs, and to exceed their expectations.


Eurosepal’s conduct is guided by respect for the environment, professional accuracy and social responsibility of its activities, which will be performed with the highest technical competence.


Caras Megazine

Caras Megazine

A Caras e Decoração publicou em Novembro 2013 um projecto da Nookdesign de remodelação de uma moradia que contou com a colaboração da Eurosepal Moveis Cozinhas Lda na execução da cozinha e dos roupeiros.


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